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HØIBERG is a full service patent law firm providing services within the fields of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), including Patents, Designs, Innovation Management, Technology Transfer and Business Development.

We provide expert IPR knowledge in the fields ranging from biotech, foodtech, medtech, nanotech, chemistry and cleantech to hightech, software, electronics and mechanics.

We assist you at every stage of development – from idea to realisation.

5 December 2022

Unitary Patents & the Unified Patent Court - New dates released

After a long wait and many hurdles, Europe’s new patent systemis expected to enter into force on 1 June 2023. Three months pr… more

5 December 2022

Unitary Patents & the Unified Patent Court

After a long wait and many hurdles, Europe’s new patent systemis expected to enter into force on 1 June 2023. Three months pr… more

24 October 2022

New short Patent Videos!

Are your attention span too short for long webinars? Do you want your information in a quick and accessible way? Then look n… more

5 October 2022

Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2022

Congratulations to Morten Meldal, Professor of Chemistry at University of Copenhagen, with the Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2022 … more

8 September 2022


Does your patent portfolio involve new plant protection products or pharmaceuticals? If yes, then please take a look at our w… more

1 June 2022

HØIBERG PATENT SCHOOL - Patents and the clinical trial dilemma - NOW ONLINE

Should you patent before or after your clinical trial? Did you know that your clinical trial protocol is made publically avai… more

15 February 2022

Are you part of a small company in need of financial aid for a patent application?

The Danish Ministry of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs will open for applications for patent vouchers on the 4th of … more

1 February 2022

HØIBERG strengthens their outward Profile and Communications

HØIBERG is pleased to announce that our Patent Attorney Vibeke Bay has accepted a position as Marketing and Communications Sp… more

4 January 2022

New partner – congratulations to Nadine Eckert-Boulet Bravo

We are happy to announce that Nadine Eckert-Boulet Bravo has been appointed partner at HØIBERG as of January 1st 2022. Nadin… more

1 December 2021

The iNotify team is the winner of the HØIBERG Pitch Prize 2022!

The annual HØIBERG Pitch Award was presented at the semester closing event for the CBS BIO (MSc in Business Administration an… more

27 January 2021

Patenting Artificial Intelligence Innovations

By Kristian Henningsson, Partner at HØIBERG – European Patent Attorneys Artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing data… more

7 January 2021

Nadine Eckert-Boulet Bravo appointed as associate partner

HØIBERG has appointed a new associate partner on 17 December 2020. We congratulate Nadine Eckert-Boulet Bravo with her new an… more

6 January 2021

HØIBERG Patent School - Wednesday January 20th, 1 PM - 2PM.

HØIBERG Patent School is a free webinar series for anyone interested in knowing more about intellectual property and the pate… more

27 November 2020

Webinar series: HØIBERG Patent School

The topic of the first session of the newly launched webinar series “HØIBERG Patent School“ was Patenting 101. The target gro… more

2 June 2020

New Office in Stockholm!

HØIBERG is delighted to announce the opening of its Stockholm office in AWL-Innomedicum on Nanna Svartz väg 2 on Karolinska I… more

28 April 2020

Open Source Software: Coexistence and strategic use of patents

By Kristian Henningsson, Partner at HØIBERG – European Patent Attorneys and Mats Skjelvik Hole, Trainee at HØIBERG – European… more

12 March 2020

In view of COVID-19 and the steps taken by the Danish authorities

HØIBERG P/S continues to serve our clients and are open for business as usual. The majority of our staff is working remote… more

10 March 2020

HØIBERG has been chosen as official supporting partner by ESA BIC Denmark

The new European Space Agency Business Incubation Centre Denmark (ESA BIC Denmark) has been launched, and HØIBERG has been ch… more

30 January 2020

No IP rights will be lost in the process of the United Kingdom leaving the EU on 31 January 2020

This applies to patent applications, granted patents, designs, trademarks and SPCs. Since the European Patent Office, which i… more

8 January 2020

Expansion of the partner group

We are happy to announce that Kristian Henningsson has become partner in HØIBERG P/S as of January 1st 2020. Kristian started… more

2 October 2019

Are you a European Patent Attorney?

Please feel free to contact us on an informal basis if you both have passed the EQE and have a MSc or PhD from a natural scie… more

30 August 2019

How to turn a Sustainable Idea into a Biotech Business

By Pernille W. Gojkovic, CEO at HØIBERG – European Patent Attorneys, interviewing Irina Borodina, Research Director at BioPhe… more

9 August 2019

New European Patent Attorney and associate partner joins our Aarhus office

It is with great pleasure that we welcome Peter Laudrup to our Aarhus office as of 1 August 2019. Peter was appointed associa… more

26 February 2019

New winds are blowing in China

By Susanne Høiberg, HØIBERG In China, protecting inventions through patenting is a relatively new phenomenon. China’s patent… more

8 February 2019

Have you thought about patent administration?

Patent administration is the job for you if you like structure and order and can’t help paying attention to detail. We operat… more

21 January 2019

Webinar: “Maximizing Prosecution Opportunities in Europe"

Interested in “Maximizing Prosecution Opportunities in Europe”? Our partner, Jens Viktor Nørgaard and Rebecca McNeill, Foundi… more

21 December 2018

The HØIBERG Prize 2019

The HØIBERG Prize 2019 went to the Antag Therapeutics team: Charlotte Vinther Bertelsen and Daniel Nørgaard Moesby, Elisa Ele… more

14 November 2018

2nd medical use – protecting new uses of old drugs

By Jens Viktor Nørgaard, HØIBERG Repurposing of known pharmaceutical drugs for treatment of new therapeutic indications, whi… more

5 September 2018

The value of design rights in your IP portfolio

Written by Kristian Henningson, European Patent Attorney. Design rights are cheaper, quicker, and easier to obtain than p… more

11 June 2018

HØIBERG strengthens the team with another three CEIPI diplomas in Patent Litigation in Europe

Another three of our partners, Jens Viktor Nørgaard, Marielle Dejligbjerg and Janni Wandahl Pedersen, just completed the CEIP… more

25 May 2018

Legal Privilege for European Patent Attorneys in Denmark

On May 17, 2018, the Danish Parliament passed legislation to give European Patent Attorneys legal privilege to the same exten… more

5 February 2018

The HØIBERG Prize 2018

The HØIBERG Prize 2018 went to the team behind BacMeUpTM for a business plan based on “Preventing & treating type 2 diabe… more

5 January 2018

HØIBERG has kick started 2018 with an expansion of the staff of employees!

HØIBERG has kick started 2018 with an expansion of the staff of employees. On 2 January we welcomed Patent Attorneys Kasper… more

3 January 2018

Chemometec – new ground-breaking method announced!

It is with pleasure that we can congratulate our client Chemometec with the announcement of their collaboration with scientis… more

16 November 2017

Orphazyme - first trading day on the Copenhagen Stock Exchange on 16 November 2017!

From the tentative preparation of the first patent application, to stock exchange listing and clinical trials – HØIBERG is al… more

13 November 2017

HØIBERG speaks at IP Summit in Dongguan, China

Last week HØIBERGs Partner and European Patent Attorney Louise Aagaard and European Patent Attorney Kristian Henningsson were… more

11 October 2017

Meet us at AGORA 2017 on 1 November 2017 at University of Copenhagen

HØIBERG is sponsoring the Biomarker AGORA 2017. Come and meet us on 1 November 2017 at University of Copenhagen (Frederiksbe… more

5 September 2017

Meet us at Nordic Life Science Days in Malmö, Sweden on 12.-14. September 2017

HØIBERG is participating at Nordic Life Science Days, the largest Nordic partnering conference dedicated to the life science … more

4 July 2017

Congratulations to our two new European Patent Attorneys

We are proud to announce that two of our competent patent attorneys, Nadine Eckert-Boulet and Kristian Henningsson, have pass… more

14 June 2017

Susanne Høiberg og Jens Viktor Nørgaard are nominated by Who's Who Legal

Two of HØIBERG’s partners, Jens Viktor Nørgaard and Susanne Høiberg, are nominated by their peers as some of the world’s lead… more

12 June 2017

HØIBERG receives recognition from IAM

”IP agency HØIBERG is a dominant force in the life sciences and continues to grow its presence in the electronics and mechani… more

2 June 2017

Susanne Høiberg, IP STARS TOP 250 WOMEN IN IP 2017

Founder of HØIBERG, Susanne Høiberg, is once again selected as one of the 250 best women in IP worldwide. The 2017 edition o… more

17 May 2017

HØIBERG spins out trademarks

The trademark service at HØIBERG is being spun out into a new business: DE FRIES & TUFEKOVIC IP, as of 18 May, 2017. The… more

26 April 2017

Invitation to Danish IP Fair

Meet us at Danish IP Fair on May 9th at “Industriens Hus” in Copenhagen. Companies, investors and others are invited for a d… more

24 February 2017

Invitation to Medico Bazar 2017

Meet us at the annual Medico Bazar on March 8th at Danish Technical University (DTU). Medico Bazar is hosted by MedTec Innov… more

1 February 2017

Article at – “Patents are tools for commercializing inventions”

... more

21 December 2016

PCT Direct - How to improve your IPRP without filing a Demand.

Written by Nadine Eckert-Boulet, HØIBERG                Filing a PCT application is a great way to start the prosecution of … more

21 December 2016

Arbitration - Alternative dispute resolution

Written by Kristyn Webb (Legal Intern at HØIBERG - Summer 2016) Alternative dispute resolution has become increasingly popul… more

8 September 2016

How one little decision can have great implications...

Written by: Kristyn Webb, Legal Intern at HØIBERG (Summer 2016) In common law jurisdictions, as the U.S., the law can be aff… more

8 September 2016

How to capture value from patents!

Written by: Karin Beukel, Assistant Prof., University of Copenhagen Is your firm benefitting maximally from its IP? Learn ho… more

1 July 2016

What IPR strategy does the 2016 Startup of the Year have?

Article by Kristian Henningsson, HØIBERG Congratulations to Sensative, who have just been named 2016 Startup of the Year in … more

1 July 2016

Ssssh – can you keep a secret?

Article by Jens Raabjerg Olesen, HØIBERG Your trade secret is protected by law – but only if you can keep it!  Protection of… more

9 March 2016

License to kill

Written by Jens Raabjerg Olesen License your IP and make a killing capitalizing on your intellectual rights. ... more

9 March 2016

Unity of invention

Written by Camilla Skouboe Pedersen A patent application can  relate to one invention only or a group of closely related inv… more

10 February 2016

All systems "GO"? Countdown to the commencement of the Unified Patent Court and Unitary Patent

Written by Claus Elmeros The two agreements on the Unified Patent Court (UPC) and the Unitary Patent (UP) can commonly be re… more

15 December 2015

FTO - Freedom-to-what?

Written by Peter Borg Gaarde and Susanne Høiberg You have been granted a patent – but is access thereby granted to the marke… more

14 December 2015

Patent wars update in Europe: Abuse of dominant position for standard essential patents?

Written by Kristian Henningsson CJEU provides guidance on seeking injunction in relation to SEPs under FRAND (Huawei v. ZTE)… more

14 December 2015

Enablement - do you have enough data to file a patent application?

Written by Janni Wandahl Pedersen To be patentable, an invention must satisfy the basic patentability requirements common to… more

1 September 2015

Want to patent? Be prepared!

Written by Nadine Eckert-Boulet Filing a patent application can be a challenging process for inventors. Good communication b… more

18 June 2015

US Patents

Authors: Louise Aagaard and Jens Viktor Nørgaard.This article first appeared in Dansk Biotek, a magazine published by Scanpub… more

3 June 2015

Publish or Perish vs Patent and Prosper

Article written by Pernille Winding Gojkovic Scientists are judged on their publication rate and the phrase Publish or Peris… more

3 June 2015

Oppositions at the European Patent Office - A Cruel Tool...

... more

3 June 2015

Are you prepared for the expiry of your pharmaceutical patent?

Article written by Jens Viktor Nørgaard and Peter Holm. Development of pharmaceuticals is both expensive and time consuming,… more

10 December 2014

Patenting in the Emerging Markets - Brazil -Order and Progress?

Written by João Luis Vianna, Kasznar Leonardos (Brazil) & Marielle Dejligbjerg, HØIBERG A/S Brazil is the world’s fifth … more

5 May 2015

A preview of the new European unified patent system.

Article written by Claus Elmeros, HØIBERG A/S In 2012, representatives of the EU member states achieved a breakthrough agree… more

5 May 2015

A short guide to therapeutic antibody patenting.

Article written by Janni Wandahl Pedersen Therapeutic antibodies have become an established class of drugs for the treatment… more

1 April 2015

Long-awaited decisions on plant patentability.

By Louise Aagaard & Nadine Eckert-Boulet, HØIBERG A/S Last week the European Patent Office wound up the long lasting sag… more

26 March 2015

Is my Smartphone App patentable?

Written by Kristian Henningsson, HØIBERG A/S The short answer is yes, it may very well be patentable. Smartphone app patenti… more

26 March 2015

Does the Inventor always own the Patent?

Written by Louise Aagaard, HØIBERG A/S Once an invention has been conceived the rights to a patent on that invention belong … more

26 March 2015

To Patent - or Not?

Written by Pernille Andersen Weng and Jens Viktor Nørgaard. Filing patent applications can have many advantages. Nevertheles… more

12 March 2015

Can you patent a service?

Article written by Mads Demenikov, HØIBERG A/S The answer is in short – yes and no! From the dictionary, a service is defin… more

10 March 2015

Why patent?

By Pernille Andersen Weng and Jens Viktor Nørgaard, HØIBERG A/S There are many reasons for seeking protection of intellectua… more

19 December 2014

Updated USPTO Guidelines Regarding Patenting of Products and Laws of Nature & Update on the BRCA1 Patents

Article written by Jens Viktor Nørgaard The new guidelines are here and there is cause for cautious optimism. The new guide… more

16 October 2014

Barred from the market – or do you have Freedom-to-operate?

It is a common misunderstanding that if your product is patented, then it may legally enter the market. Many companies with … more

16 October 2014

A light at the end of the tunnel for stem cell patenting?

Article written by Louise Aagaard and Jens Raabjerg Olesen SUPERMAN Christopher Reeve broke his spine in a riding accident… more

16 October 2014

What is your patent portfolio worth?

Article written by Kristian Henningsson It is widely recognized that knowledge plays an increasingly important role in moder… more

16 October 2014

Infringement of method patents in the USA

Article written by Jens Raabjerg Olesen What is the scope of method patents in the USA? The US Supreme Court has just ruled … more

12 September 2014

The Research Use Exemptions from Patent Law – when patents do not cover the use of their products or methods.

Article written by Pernille Winding Gojkovic, HØIBERG A/S When can you safely use patented products without infringing the r… more

3 April 2014

Clinical trials and patenting

Article written by Pernille Winding Gojkovic Are the demands for early registration of clinical trials a problem for patenti… more

23 July 2014

Are the Patent Trolls here to get us?

Article written by Jens Raabjerg Olesen, HØIBERG A/S The fear of patent trolls has surfaced in Europe in connection with the… more

23 July 2014

Patents in the Arctic - How to protect your invention in Greenland

Article written by Claus Elmeros, HØIBERG A/S In recent years, there has been a massively growing interest in excavating oil… more

14 May 2014

Special edition of ”Iværksætteren” – Myths and facts about the unitary patent and the Unified Patent Court

In this month’s special edition of “Iværksætteren” you will find the article: “Myths and facts about the unitary patent and t… more

8 May 2014

Destruction of evidence in patent litigation and why YOU should keep YOUR files in good order.

Article written by Peter Holm Spoliation is a term used to describe intentional destruction or hiding of evidence which coul… more

4 April 2014

Utility Models in Denmark

A utility model is sometimes referred to as ”the small patent”, but what is this ”small” IP right and what can an inventor us… more

10 March 2014

To Demand or not to Demand

Filing a Demand is a way of addressing objections raised in an International Search Report and Written Opinion (ISRWO), in an… more

3 February 2014

SPC - En vigtig lære ved patenttidsforlængelse (This article is only in Danish)

... more

3 February 2014

I Kina kalder man det ’Guanxi’ - og du kan ikke gøre forretning uden! (This article is only in Danish)

... more

3 February 2014

Myter og fakta om enhedspatentet og den fælles patentdomstol (This article is only in Danish)

Enhedspatent og fælles patentdomstol - sjældent er en god nyhed blevet modtaget så dårligt! Efter 30 års forhandlinger er de… more

10 January 2014

One step forward, two steps back: examining stem-cell patenting

Authors: Susanne Høiberg & Louise Aagaard This article first appeared in IP Value 2014: Building and enforcing intellect… more

28 October 2013

Pick and Choose EPO to search all inventions covered by a EURO-PCT subject to payment of fees

With a rule change entering into force on 1 November 2014, the Administrative Council of the European Patent Office (EPO) has… more

13 September 2013

Dark clouds over the patent industry

”A depression and new patent rules have forced patent attorneys to cut costs and reorganize. The question is whether a Europe… more

1 July 2013

Patent Protection in Greenland

In the recent years, there has been a massive growing interest in exploiting oil and gas as well as mining of minerals and ra… more

20 June 2013

The EU Patent and The Unified Patent Court – Seldom have such good news been so poorly received – why?

Author: Pernille Winding Gojkovic This article first appeared in Dansk Biotek nr. 3, a magazine published by Scanpublisher. T… more

13 May 2013

Denmark Chapter of Patents in Europe 2013/14

Authors: Claus Elmeros & Louise Aagaard This article first appeared in Patents in Europe 2013/2014 - Helping business com… more

23 January 2013

Improving legal certainty in patent cases

Authors: Louise Aagaard & Susanne Høiberg This article first appeared in IP Value 2013 - Building and enforcing intellect… more

12 December 2012

Parliament approves EU unitary patent rules

A major step forward in the creation of a unitary European patent system was taken on 11 December 2012 when the European parl… more

2 January 2012

On a journey towards a specialised patent court

Authors: Louise Aagaard & Susanne Høiberg This article first appeared in IP Value 2012 - An International Guide for the B… more

12 January 2011

Re-examination: a convenient tool for testing patent validity (only in English)

Authors: Louise Aagaard & Susanne Høiberg Published in: IP Value 2011 (to view the entire publication in full, please vis… more


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