Good Morning Meetings – Valuation of Patents

26 October 2015

On November 5 and November 6 2015 from 08.30 – 10.00 HØIBERG organizes morning meetings in collaboration with Medicon Valley Alliance, focusing on how to deal with valuating patents and companies in transfers and licensing.

Susanne Høiberg - European Patent Attorney and Senior Partner in HØIBERG will discuss the philosophy of values and the principles of valuation of patents and companies with examples from daily life.

Martin Bonde – CEO, Vaccibody AS, will discuss how a valuation process is experienced and how negotiations may turn out based on his experiences as the CEO in several companies.

Venue 5 November 2015: Medicon Valley Alliance, Ground Floor, Arne Jacobsens Allé 15, 2300 Copenhagen S

Venue 6 November 2015: Medicon Village - G:a Gästmatsalen, Scheelevägen 2, SE- 223 81 Lund, Sweden 

Registration and agenda:

5 November 2015:

6 November 2015:

If you have any questions, or if you want to set up a meeting with Susanne Høiberg, please contact