HØIBERG speaks at Boston Bar Association (BBA) in Boston, USA, on 15 April 2015

30 March 2015

Jens Viktor Nørgaard, Partner and European Patent Attorney, and Pernille Winding Gojkovic, Partner and European Patent Attorney, have been invited to speak at an event organized by the Boston Bar Association on 15 April 2015. 
The Boston Bar Association (BBA), the oldest bar association in the United States, is the hub of the legal profession in Boston, Massachusetts. The Association’s mission is to advance the highest standards of excellence for the legal profession, to facilitate access to justice, and to serve the community at large.

The title of the lecture given by HØIBERG is “Tactics for Counsel When Drafting and Prosecuting US-Origin Applications“ and will provide tips and tricks on how to handle the differences between European and US patent law and practice. The course will address the US patent counsel and how it can maximize its opportunities in Europe.

For further details about the lecture and BBA please visit:

Please contact Jens Viktor Nørgaard (jvn@hoiberg.com) or Pernille Winding Gojkovic (pwg@hoiberg.com) if you wish to set up a meeting in Boston.