HØIBERG spins out trademarks

17 May 2017

The trademark service at HØIBERG is being spun out into a new business: DE FRIES & TUFEKOVIC IP, as of 18 May, 2017.

The trademark services will be carried on by Jette de Fries and Suzana Tufekovic, the people you know and collaborate with in respect of your trademarks. Your trademark portfolio will thus be handled as usual.

HØIBERG and DE FRIES & TUFEKOVIC IP will continue our close collaboration and we will continue to work together to secure the broadest and most optimal protection of your IPR whether your IPR is patents, trademarks and/or designs. This will happen in close dialogue between the trademark attorneys at DE FRIES & TUFEKOVIC IP and the patent attorneys at HØIBERG.

HØIBERG and DE FRIES & TUFEKOVIC IP look forward to continuing our successful and innovative collaboration with you.

Contact information:
European Trademark & Design Attorneys
Bredgade 30
DK-1260 Copenhagen K

T: +45 40862757 and +45 22866455
E: jette@deft-ip.com and suzana@deft-ip.com
W: www.deft-ip.com

VAT no: DK 38632566