Jens Raabjerg Olesen, Partner and European Patent Attorney, turns 40 on Saturday 1 March 2014

26 February 2014

Denmark is to live on research and development. At least that is what we constantly hear in the media from politicians and industry. But one thing is to wish for one reality – another is practice. A really good example of the practice of reality is Jens Raabjerg Olesen, Partner and European Patent Attorney at the patent and trademark agency HØIBERG A/S.

Jens Raabjerg Olesen is an expert in bringing research and development forward to the reality everyone wants. Jens Raabjerg Olesen is European Patent Attorney at HØIBERG and gives counseling about patent protection to Danish and international universities, commercial companies, research institutes, and professional organizations – especially in the fields of life science including chemistry, biotechnology and medico technology.

Among other things, Jens Raabjerg Olesen counsels about business potentials and about patent protection of drugs, biomarkers, medical treatment and diagnostics, stockfarming and foodstuffs.

Jens Raabjerg Olesen has a PhD in biochemistry and molecular biology from Aarhus University, and at the same time he obtained a diploma in business administration within organization.

So when you discuss the need for Denmark to live on research and development, you have to mention experts like Jens Raabjerg Olesen who actually prepare Danish research and development in i.e. molecular biology, biotechnology and medico technology for the industry, by providing relevant counseling and patent protection during the entire project.

As Jens Raabjerg Olesen is working across universities, manufacturing companies and research institutes, a quite unique expert knowledge and business sense is accumulated in Jens Raabjerg Olesen making his counseling essential to a commercial success.

On March 1, Jens Raabjerg Olesen turns 40. He has been with HØIBERG since 2006. Jens Raabjerg Olesen handles general and strategic counseling about patent protection, licensing of intellectual property rights from HØIBERG’s office in Aarhus where he also lives together with his wife and their two children.