Louise Aagaard turns 40

25 April 2011

The globalisation can be felt at HØIBERG and partner Louise Aagaard who turns 40 on 25 April 2011. 2011 is also the year where Louise Aagaard can celebrate 10 years anniversary at HØIBERG which was founded by MD and entrepreneur Susanne Høiberg in 1995 and which today is a leading actor in biotech.
A growing number of Danish companies wish to get their products patented on the Asian market; and companies in China, Japan, Korea, and Taiwan increasingly want to extent their patents to Europe as well. The application process in connection with patents takes several years, and it is often Louise Aagaard who through counselling gets the patent issued. She describes the working with patents as extremely nerdy.

We have had a handsome increase in the number of cases from the Far East in recent years and I have spent a good deal of effort on them”, says Louise Aagaard who has visited Southeast Asia on average once a year for the last four years. She says that her associates in Japan all were deeply affected by the earthquakes and the nuclear accident but that none of them were close to the accidents.
Her career as patent attorney and partner at HØIBERG started at the University of Copenhagen where Louise Aagaard studied to be a biochemist – an education that she supplemented with a PhD in genetics. Instead of immersing herself as a researcher, Louise Aagaard chose to enter the patent profession. She started at HØIBERG in 2001 and simultaneously started on preparing for the demanding European Patent Attorney exam which only 10-20 percent passes in the first try.
Louise Aagaard deals with patents, including drafting and prosecuting patent applications, oppositions, evaluation of patent portfolios, freedom-to-operate analyses and assisting in connection with court cases. She is specialised in life science, including biotech, pharmaceuticals, the food industry, and green tech.

Today Louise Aagaard is chairman of EPCtutors, an association establishing courses for patent attorneys, including teaching in connection with the training for European Patent Attorney. She is also a member of HØIBERG’s board of directors.