Meet Martin Wenckens from Bee-Patch in Go’morgen Danmark on Danish TV2

1 November 2013

Martin Wenckens became famous in Denmark when Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt mentioned him in her opening speech earlier this year. He has invented a new patch where the sucker is built into the patch itself. He got the idea from the Danish television program “Dus med dyrene”, where Poul Thomsen allowed himself to get stung by a wasp and then extracted the poison by placing a sugar cube on the sting. He calls the patch “Bee-Patch”.

As the patch can easily be copied, Martin knew from the start that he had to get the patch protected in order to avoid copy cats taking advantage of his idea. Martin knew that it would be difficult to start his own company but he did not expect that he had to spend so much money and time on getting his new patch patented.

Martin supports the implementation of the new European patent court as he believes that the new system will benefit other small new companies which will be able to save a lot of time and money on patenting.
Martin has been a client at HØIBERG since the spring of 2008, and HØIBERG has helped him getting the Bee-Patch patented in Denmark, United Kingdom, Germany, France, and USA.

See Martin Wenckens in “Go’morgen Danmark”, Danish TV on Sunday 3 November 2013 at 10am for an exciting talk about patents and Bee-Patch.