Pernille Winding Gojkovic turns 40

2 November 2011

Pernille Winding Gojkovic, partner and patent attorney at HØIBERG, turns 40 on 2 November 2011. She counsels clients on protection and enforcement of patents, when companies or private persons approach her with their inventions.

We set out on a life-long relationship with our clients. It usually begins with them having an idea that we help develop further by preparing a strategy for the whole process. Patent applications take time. In general it takes about seven years, before the patent is issued.

In 2005, Pernille Winding Gojkovic joined HØIBERG, which was founded in 1995 by MD and entrepreneur Susanne Høiberg. Today, the firm is a leading actor in biotech and life science with clients on the Scandinavian, American and Asian markets. Within three years Pernille Winding became partner due to her high ambitions and sense of business development.

Her career began at the University of Copenhagen where Pernille Winding got her degree in biology. Her dissertation was supplemented with a Ph.D. in molecular biology, after which she did research as a lecturer. The meeting with Susanne Høiberg led to a change of profession and a new world of challenges with the same immersion in her work. She describes the work with patents as an opportunity to be allowed to “nerd through” the projects.

Pernille Winding has specialized in patents in the fields of biology and medicine, including drafting applications, strategy, patent portfolios and assisting in connection with court cases. She is present throughout the whole process, from idea to realization. She was also present on the sideline when her husband started his own biotech company in 2001.

Pernille Winding is a Certified Danish Patent Agent (CPDA) and is currently preparing for the the demanding European Patent Attorney exam. She teaches patent strategy at universities in both Denmark, Sweden and Norway. In addition to that she is also examiner at the University of Copenhagen.