Returning home to HØIBERG

16 November 2010

When Jens Viktor Nørgaard in March 2008 stepped through the door at HØIBERG A/S for the third time as newly employed, he had a strong feeling that he had returned home. He had “set up house for himself” by becoming partner. And he looks forward to bringing his knowledge about running a business into play and becoming part of HØIBERG’s strong community.
Now, nearly three years have passed since that day, and on Friday 26 November 2010, Jens Viktor turns 50. It was the training for pathfinder which resolved Jens Viktor Nørgaard’s career direction.
“When Lasse Zäll takes you in hand in the Pathfinder programme, you find out what it is you want. If you are married to the right person or have the right job, you will be convinced that you should hold on. If not, you will get divorced or find a new job. We are trained to go after what we want”, says Jens Viktor who then was determined to take the request from Susanne Høiberg, founder and CEO at HØIBERG, to return to the patent agency.

“As only patent attorney in a biotech company, you are very much alone with your tasks. Here, we are working in teams, and that is much funnier. Any product becomes better if you use an hour of your colleague’s time to discuss some ideas. It is a joint attitude here that we share knowledge and develop ideas so that we always get better”.

HØIBERG is the market leading patent agency and had a turnover of 71 m during the financial year 2009-10. Even though the depression has resulted in some stagnation, Jens Viktor Nørgaard does not fear the future. If HØIBERG should feel some pressure from competitors, the company can do something that others cannot, he believes:
“We use each other and have a strong team spirit which is crucial to our success”, says the birthday boy who has told his employees that his repeated job changes are over. The technological development moves fast and there are always new inventions and this means new clients and challenging tasks to HØIBERG. “Therefore, I do not have anything more to chase”, Jens Viktor Nørgaard explains, he was employed in the then Heiden & Høiberg for the first time in 1998.

Jens Viktor became Master of Forestry in 1988 at the Veterinary and Agricultural University, got a PhD in forest genetics and biochemistry in 1992 and became European Patent Attorney in 2003. In his spare time Jens Viktor is a keen orienteering racer. He has helped arranged the 25 km long orienteering race “Jættemilen” for several years, this race is held every year on the second Sunday in November, this year in St. Dyrehave near Copenhagen. He is originally from Holstebro, now lives in Tåstrup, is married and father to three children.

A reception for Jens Viktor Nørgaard will be held on Friday 26 November 2010, 14.00-16.00 at HØIBERG A/S, St. Kongensgade 59 A, 1264 Copenhagen K.