The HØIBERG Prize 2014

3 February 2014

The HØIBERG Prize 2014 went to the team behind CerePlexus™ for a first class business plan based on a novel method for treating Parkinson’s disease.

The HØIBERG Prize goes to the team behind the best business plan among the students on the BioBusiness & Innovation Platform (BBIP) course at Copenhagen Business School (CBS). The purpose of the prize is to commend the students that manage to translate an invention within the field of life science into entrepreneurship by the aid of an attention grabbing business plan. Focus is on whether the business plan is comprehensive even if the invention behind is complex, well documented and addresses all aspects – both present and future - of the business.

The team behind CerePlexus™ lived up th our high expectation – thus a big congratulations on winning the Høiberg Prize goes to: Jannick Larsen, Katrine Maarlev, Nathan Frank, Salim Vagh, Sascha Rørvig and Teresa Gonçalves

HØIBERG A/S was founded 19 years ago and the team behind the firm have made their own experience with establishing and running a new business in a competitive and knowledge intensive environment.