Anne Bjørnskov Jensen

Patent Attorney

About Anne Bjørnskov Jensen

PhD (Pharmaceutical Sciences) Copenhagen University, 2015

MSc (Medicinal Chemistry) Aarhus University, 2011


Anne is currently on maternity leave.

Anne began working at HØIBERG in 2019 and is a patent advisor within the field of life science especially organic chemistry, medicine, biochemistry and molecular biology.

Anne is a trained medicinal chemist from Aarhus University. She completed her master’s and PhD project at the University of Copenhagen. The project was focused on studying the structure/function relationship of nicotinic receptor subtypes by means of flouresence based assays and electrophysiology. She has further expanded her knowledge of the nicotinic receptors during a stay at UCSD in California with a study of the early development of the nicotinic neuronal system using miRNA and live calcium imaging techniques.