Anne Sofie Lærke Hansen

Patent Attorney

About Anne Sofie Lærke Hansen

PhD (Synthetic Biology and Bioengineering)
Technical University of Denmark, 2020

M.Sc.Eng. (Biotechnology)
Technical University of Denmark, 2016

B.Sc.Eng. (Biotechnology)
Technical University of Denmark, 2013


Anne Sofie counsels within life science, including metabolic engineering and molecular biology. 

Anne Sofie joined HØIBERG in 2021 and has a M.Sc.Eng. degree in Biotechnology from Technical University of Denmark (DTU). She conducted her Master's thesis on model- and biosensor-guided optimization of bioproduction in yeast. 

During her PhD studies at DTU she specialized in coupling cell growth and enzyme activity; a strategy for optimization of both production of chemical and bioactive compounds as well as enzymes using microbes. Anne Sofie worked with methylated compounds and methyltransferases. She spent six months as visiting PhD student at University of Washington, Seattle, U.S., investigating the sulfur amino acid metabolism in yeast using adaptive laboratory evolution (ALE) followed by whole-genome population sequencing. Furthermore, Anne Sofie has experience working with filamentous fungi from her post-doc at DTU.

During her education Anne Sofie has gained experience in computational strain design and strain performance assessment, molecular biology, synthetic biology, various cultivation regimes, as well as traditional and CRISPR-based genome editing of yeasts, bacteria, and filamentous fungi.