Audrey Inge Schytz Andersen-Civil

Patent Attorney

About Audrey Inge Schytz Andersen-Civil

PhD (Veterinary Medicine), University of Copenhagen, 2021

DVM, University of Copenhagen, 2018


Audrey joined HØIBERG in 2021 and has a background in health and medical sciences as a graduate in veterinary medicine with a specialization in biomedicine. During her thesis, she has worked extensively within the field of microbiology and especially with genetically modified bacteria.

During her PhD at the University of Copenhagen, Audrey worked with chemical purification of proanthocyanidins and investigated their impact on the immune system with a focus on intestinal inflammation. In this regard, Audrey has performed in vitro, ex vivo and in vivo experiments, including mechanistic studies using flow cytometry and fluorescence microscopy.

As a trained veterinarian, she also has a broad knowledge of pharmacology, pathology, food safety, etc.