Jenny Landberg Clementson

Patent Attorney

About Jenny Landberg Clementson

PhD (Synthetic biology and Bioengineering)
Technical University of Denmark, 2020

MSc Eng (Biotechnology)
Lund University, 2016


Jenny counsels within life science including molecular biology and metabolic engineering.

Jenny joined HØIBERG in 2020 and has a Master’s degree in Biotech Engineering from Lund University. Here, she studied a combination of biology, chemistry, mathematics and technology. She did her Master’s thesis at University of California, Irvine, where she worked on metabolic engineering of yeast.

She carried out her PhD at the Technical University of Denmark, where she worked on the development of synthetic biology tools that can be used to control cell growth and production of proteins and biochemicals in cell factories. She spent 6 months as a visiting PhD student at the Joint BioEnergy Institute in California, working on the development of an inducible expression system for yeast cell factories. During her PhD, Jenny has gained experience in various molecular biology techniques, metabolic and genetic engineering, and CRIPSR-based editing, regulation and screening in yeast and bacteria.