Julien Menard

Patent Attorney

About Julien Menard

PhD (Biomedicine), Lund University, 2017

MSc (Biotechnology Engineering), INP-ENSTBB Bordeaux, 2012


Julien counsels within life science including molecular biology, cell biology, metabolic engineering and biochemistry

Julien started at HØIBERG in 2021.

Julien is trained as a Biotechnology engineer from ENSTBB-IPB Bordeaux (MSc), focusing on production, purification and characterization of biomolecules and performed his Master’s thesis project at MedImmune Cambridge, focusing on antibody development and phage display.

He completed his education with a PhD in Biomedicine (Translational cancer research) from Lund University. His PhD project was focusing on tumor cell biology (i.e. glioblastoma tumor models), tumor microenvironment, proteoglycans and cell metabolism to identify potential new treatment targets. During this time he has worked with several molecular biology techniques, real-time confocal laser fluorescence microscopy, gene and protein expression analysis and pre-clinical tumor models.

Before joining Høiberg, Julien has also gained professional experience in bacterial and mammalian cell culture equipment design (fermenter and bioreactors) as well as lactic acid bacteria process development and mammalian cell-based upstream bioprocesses (mAb production, perfusion processes).