Vibeke Bay

Marketing and Communications Specialist, Patent Attorney

About Vibeke Bay

PhD (Health Sciences)
Aarhus University, 2018

MSc (Molecular Medicine)
Aarhus University, 2015


Vibeke joined HØIBERG in 2018 and has a background in neuro-diseases with a focus on stroke and depression. She graduated with an MSc in Molecular Medicine from Aarhus University in 2015 and thereafter started a PhD concerning the effect of depression on stroke outcome at Department of Clinical Medicine, Aarhus University.

During her Master’s and PhD programs, Vibeke obtained research experience in animal models of stroke, tissue visualization methods, and microRNAs and their molecular transport methods.

As of 2022, Vibeke has taken on the responsibility as Marketing and Communications Specialist at HØIBERG. So, if your company or organization wishes to learn more about patents or any other patent related topic, feel free to contact Vibeke to get a free and non-binding session (e.g. webinar, lecture, pre-recorded video or information material) tailored to your specific needs.