Design in Denmark

A design registration helps protect a unique design against copying. International design registration may begin in Denmark.

  • Do you have packaging, toys, tools, jewellery, or household goods where protection against others copying it is essential

Then a design protection might be relevant and you can begin your international design protection in Denmark and then continue to the EU and the rest of the world.

Filing requirements in Denmark

An application should as a minimum be accompanied by the following:

  • information about the applicant (or designer, if different from the applicant)

  • picture(s) showing the design

  • possible priority information


The design application is only examined in respect of formalities. If desired, a novelty search may be drawn up by the Danish Patent and Trademark Office on request.

When accepted for registration, the design registration will be published for opposition purposes in the Danish Design Gazette. The opposition period is 2 months. If no oppositions are filed against the registration of the design, the design registration will become final.


The duration of a design registration in Denmark is 25 years. The first registration period is for 5 years and the registration is then renewable for one or more periods of five years each, up to a total term of 25 years from the date of filing.

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