Economy and patents

We help keeping track of your patenting costs and ensure that you are always cost efficient.

What does it cost to patent?

When to pay?

How to optimize the costs?

Patenting usually implies a longer process, with filing of one or more priority founding applications, followed by international and national applications. Depending on which approach is chosen, at least one year will pass, and often 4-6 years can be expected before a patent is issued. Through this period of time, there will be running costs for maintenance of the application. Furthermore there are running costs for payment of annuity fees.

The expenses include costs for preparation of the application, filing fees, fees to the authorities for processing the application, costs for negotiations with the authorities in regard to the issuance of the patent, issue fees and annuity fees. The payment of these costs is due at different times during the patenting process, and to some extend it is possible to influence the timing of the costs.

HØIBERG has advanced budget tools, which can give you an overview of the patenting costs. Hence we can forecast patenting costs over a period of 1-20 years either for a single patent application or for the entire patent family. Furthermore our budget tools can be used to test the economic consequences of different scenarios e.g. in which countries a patent application should be filed. In this way, budgets from HØIBERG can be used as an important economic management tool in any organization. 

If you want to know more about budgeting and financial management of patents, please contact your patent attorney or one of our experts in the right column.

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