IP monitoring

You can continuously monitor the patent activity of your competitors.

- Do you know if you might be infringing other people’s patents?

- Do you know your competitors as well as they know you?

- Do you know in which direction your commercial field is heading?

We are able to assist you in identifying patent rights which potentially are in conflict with your commercial activities – and this early enough for you to take them into consideration when planning your company strategy.

Monitoring patent rights may help you predict which products a competitor might have in the pipeline. This may give you an indication of the future market situation and possibly provide inspiration to your own products. At the same time, you might consider if a competitor’s products are infringing your rights and if so, if you want to approach him with a license agreement or if injunction proceedings are to be sought.

As most countries publish new patent applications, patents, trademarks, and designs, it is possible to monitor whether competitors have filed new patent applications or if patents have been issued to them. It is also possible to monitor if new patent applications have been filed or new patents issued in your commercial field.

The monitoring of IP activities may include specific countries of interest or worldwide, adapted to your needs and employing a search strategy prepared in cooperation with you.

Together we agree on how often we should monitor your interests and how much we are to take part in the processing of the results.

If other people’s patents conflict with your commercial interests, we will together formulate strategies on how to react, no matter if the solution is cooperation or licensing, opposition or court actions.

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