The patent landscape can be described for a specific technology in a country, region or globally.

  • Do you want an overview of the total amount of patents in a specific area?

The answer will often be an analysis of the patent landscape

With a patent landscape analysis you will get a general overview of the patent rights for a specific technology for a specific period and a specific area.

Patent landscape analyses are often accompanied by graphics which in a well-arranged way give an overview of age and distribution of the patent rights of others in a specific technological area.

When is there a need for a landscape analysis?

As part of planning your development, it is essential to have knowledge about others’ patent rights so that you do not find yourselves in a minefield of patent rights when you are ready to go on the market.

Similarly, it often makes good sense to know the activities of other companies by running a search on business partners and possible licensers and licensees.

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