Lectures and teaching

We make tailored lecture or training programs providing your organization with any necessary and updated knowledge on the protection of your intellectual property values.

Does your organization need to know more about how to protect your intellectual values?

Do your employees need a general introduction or update on patenting or design / trademark protection?

HØIBERG offers lectures and teaching that exactly match your needs.

We offer lectures and teaching, which accurately match your needs and are based on the topics that are relevant to your organization. Examples of the topics that we have disseminated through lectures and workshops are:

• What is a patent and what can be patented?
• Patent strategy - when and how to submit your application?
• Patent quality - how do you ensure that your application is solid and provides adequate protection for your inventions?
• Patenting and the business plan - how to ensure that your patent strategy is aligned with the business plan
• Economy management of patenting – which costs are associated with patenting and how you can optimize and minimize these expenses? How to forecast the costs of patenting?
• Patenting for researchers and developers - what scientists and development teams should be aware of and how they can contribute to the organization's IPR strategy?
• Who is the inventor? Who has contributed to the development of an invention and when is this contribution sufficient to be registered as an inventor?
• Design Protection - how to protect unique designs?


Our attorneys have extensive experience in teaching and lecturing for both laypersons and professionals. We actively participate in the education of Danish patent agents at the Danish Institute for IPR (DIFI) and at the International Centre d'Etudes Internationales de la Intellectual Property (CEIPI), which educates European patent agents.

We also give numerous lectures in various Danish and international professional forums. By example, we give lectures in the European patent system among international colleagues in Europe, USA and Asia. We also teach at Danish universities and interest groups, and provide professional coaching to students through workshops.

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