A writ is a powerful weapon - when is it necessary?

Litigation within intellectual property typically concerns:

- Infringement

- Invalidity

- Ownership disputes


Litigation is costly and involves some uncertainty regarding the outcome. A court case should therefore be planned meticulously and alternatives should be explores before legal action is taken.

Before initiating legal action, the following should be considered as a minimum:

- is it possible to agree on cooperation or licensing with the other party

- in which country or region will legal action entail the largest commercial advantages

- are there alternatives to the courts, such as for example mediation

We assist in the planning and work with lawyers in all major European countries, USA, China, and Japan so that we are able to put together the best team if a case has to go to court.

Preventive measures

It is often possible to prevent infringement if you have already monitored your competitors’ patent rights before marketing new products.

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