Patent application

A patent gives exclusive rights to sell, manufacture and use the product or method covered by the patent.

  • How do you protect yourselves against the competitors just changing a detail of your invention and then legally entering the market?

  • How do you protect yourselves against the competitors covering your future developments?

The best protection is a carefully considered and drafted patent application

In a patent application, the monopoly is defined in the patent claims, described in the patent description and exemplified in examples and drawings.

HØIBERG is specialists in drafting patent application in both all life sciences and medicaments and electronics, mechanics, and software. For a number of years, we have defined standards of the good patent application. Depending on the purpose of the patenting, we assess from application to application how broadly the invention is to be defined and how many variants of the invention are to be described to avoid your competitors getting too close.

Of course, we also ensure that the application satisfies the formality requirements and that the application at the same time meets the national requirements in the countries in which patent is sought. We handle the examination up until issue of patent with the respective national authorities.


Generally, three main requirements must be fulfilled for an invention to be patented. It must be novel, involve inventive stop, and be industrially applicable. This can be established through a novelty search before filing of the application.

Where and for how long

Patent rights can be obtained in virtually the entire World, either as a national right or through international patent systems. Patents are valid for up to 20 years from the filing of the patent application, however, annuities must be paid continuously.

Examination by the patent authorities

After filing of the patent application, the respective patent authorities will examine the application to establish if a patent can be issued. If the application cannot be immediately accepted, the applicant has the opportunity to amend the claims filed and to argue in favour of the application.

We are responsible for filing responses and meeting all the time limits and the responses will be prepared together with you.

Foreign network

We correspond directly with the patent authorities in Denmark and Europe and cooperate with a carefully chosen network of foreign patent attorneys to represent you before the authorities in the remaining countries.

In all the major markets, our business associates have been selected based on personal meetings and we monitor their quality and price level.

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