Patentability assessment

A patentability assessment can reveal if an invention is patentable and give an overview of the existence of any similar technology.

  • Do you want to know if your invention is patentable before filing the first patent application

  • Do you want to know if the issued patents of your competitors really are patentable

The answer is a patentability assessment

We search in both international patent databases, scientific journals and other relevant literature. Documents found are analysed carefully to assess the relevance in relation to your invention.

We generally substantiate our analysis in a report in which we evaluate the novelty and inventive step of the invention in relation to the documents found so that it is clear to what extent your invention may be patented.

Patentability assessment before first patent application

Normally, we recommend performing a patentability assessment before filing a patent application.

A patentability assessment can prevent filing a patent application which later is rejected due to lack of novelty or inventive step.

At the same time, the result of the patentability assessment can contribute to ensuring the broadest possible scope of the protection based on having knowledge of relevant publications about corresponding technologies.

Patentability assessment of the patent rights of others

Patentability assessments can also be made in relation to a competitor’s patents or patent applications which you would like to get limited or revoked.

If it can be proven that a competitor’s invention was not novel or did not involve inventive step at the filing of a patent application, you are able to plan your commercial strategy better in relation to the patent rights, for example by requesting the patent to be rejected or revoked.

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