Treble Technologies

Dr. Finnur Pind

Treble Technologies is ahead of the game

“Technology-wise, Treble Technologies is ahead of the game”, state Ronan Mettetal and Kristian Öwre, Treble Technologies’ consultant team at HØIBERG. They harbour no doubts regarding the potential of the Icelandic startup.

Founded in 2020 by Dr. Finnur Pind, CEO, and Jesper Pedersen, CPO, Treble Technologies has developed one of the world’s fastest and most accurate sound simulation technology, which can run up to 1000 times faster than other acoustic software. It is a complete paradigm shift in the design and optimisation of sound and acoustic devices.

A close collaboration

The collaboration between Treble Technologies and HØIBERG began in late 2021. After few months of investigation into the technology, HØIBERGs consultant team dedicated a week in Reykjavik at Treble Technologies headquarters to meet the team, understand the technology, and gain insight into all their ideas.

Dr. Finnur Pind

– CEO, Treble

Appreciating HØIBERG's skills and independence

The daily routines of Dr. Finnur Pind, Jesper Pedersen, and the rest of the employees at Treble Technologies are extremely busy. They greatly appreciate HØIBERG’s independent and self-directed approach, which allows for smoother operations within their demanding schedules. 

“HØIBERG maintains a balance wherein they primarily work independently while continuing our close collaboration and correspondence, so we are updated and consulted on every important aspect of our patent portfolio without any unnecessary contact. We greatly appreciate this approach“, says Finnur Pind.

Building a strategic patent portfolio as a foundation for future growth

In just a few years, HØIBERG has built Treble Technologies a growing, flexible and strategic patent portfolio from scratch.

The keywords are ‘flexible’ and ‘strategic’. Patents are expensive – but they are also the foundation of the company’s future business. The key is to build a patent portfolio that will not burden Treble Technologies with unnecessary patent expenses, while at the same time making the portfolio broad and flexible enough to be expanded continuously as Treble Technologies grows.

Treble Technologies needs to have strong and extensive initial patent filings because any further patenting is restricted to minor advancements of their technology once Treble Technologies has commercial products on the market.

“It is crucial that the initial patent application submitted is comprehensive and adaptable. A comprehensive application with abundant details can subsequently be divided into multiple independent patents as Treble Technologies advances its development efforts”, says Kristian Öwre.

Building a strong US patent portfolio requires a special skillset

Crafting an initial patent application that can be subsequently segmented into several independent patents, demands more than mere patent expertise. To ensure the strategic significance of the patents, a deep understanding and insight into technology, market dynamics, and competitor landscape is imperative.

“Treble Technologies’ primary focus for its business operations lies within the USA – in regard to both customers, competitors, and potential partners. That’s why a strong US patent portfolio is crucial, and it has thereby defined the company’s patent strategy from the very beginning,” says Ronan Mettetal.

“Handling IP agreements in the US differs from the rest of the world in many ways, from specific details in the handling of patent applications, to overarching legal aspects. Through close collaboration with our skilled US attorney and collaborators, HØIBERG has combined the requisite expertise to draft patent applications tailored specifically to the US market, resulting in many early filings,” adds Ronan Mettetal.

“HØIBERG has had a clever approach to protecting our IP in the US. We are very pleased with our collaboration with HØIBERG. They are professional and foreseeing in their assessment of our most optimal strategy”, ends Finnur Pind.

About Treble Technologies

Treble Technologies was established in early 2020 in Reykjavík, Iceland, and has swiftly expanded its workforce to over 30 highly educated employees within four years of its establishment.

The founders of Treble Technologies are acoustic engineers, who have researched acoustic simulations at DTU, the Technical University of Denmark and thereby have extensive experience and expertise in sound simulation.

After devoting the better part of a decade to the research and development of cutting-edge sound simulation technology and processes, they joined forces to introduce this next-generation technology to market. Their vision is to empower designers, architects, and acousticians to create a better-sounding world.

From startup to competitor of the tech giants

Treble Technologies is poised to enter into a future market marked with extremely high levels of competition. Global tech giants are heavily investing in developing similar technologies, for example, in voice controlled devices, microphone and cameras, which must rotate based on room sound.

Treble Technologies competes not only in technological advancements but also in intellectual property (IP). A company unable to compete effectively with its IP portfolio is at a disadvantage, risking infringement of competitors’ patents and encountering challenges in licensing its technology to others.

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