Agnete B. Frederiksen

Actively building strategic partnerships for Nykode – more than just working with patents

Nykode is a thriving biotech company focusing on vaccine technology and development of cutting-edge medicine across a wide range of therapeutic fields.

“Our current focus is on maturing and accelerating our development projects within oncology and infectious diseases, but we are also exploring opportunities in novel therapeutic areas such as autoimmune disorders,” begins Agnete B. Frederiksen, co-founder and Chief Business Officer at Nykode.

Since its foundation in 2006, Nykode has grown into an international company with just over 150 employees, 2 license partners in the US, and offices in Oslo, Norway and Copenhagen, Denmark.

Accelerating the commercial potential through partnerships

Nykode seeks strategic, selective and value-creating partnerships to accelerate the full commercial potential of the company’s technological platform and products. Currently, Nykode has worldwide license and collaboration agreements with two US companies.

“HØIBERG has been of huge value in defining the scope of our partnerships with our US licensees and other strategic partners. Obviously, there is a lot of IP in the contracts, so it has been extremely valuable to include HØIBERG’s expertise,” says Agnete B. Frederiksen.

Agnete B. Frederiksen

– CBO, Nykode

Negotiating on Nykode’s behalf – not just standard patent-related work​

Nykode’s primary focus is on research and development, while its partners primarily have a commercial focus. This can give rise to conflicting interests, as several considerations must be taken into account.

“Nykode’s partnerships are not just about patents, it’s a collaboration. HØIBERG is responsible for negotiating and handling our partnership agreements. HØIBERG has deep insight into our technology, business and the industry, and understands how different partnership decisions affect our IP portfolio and business. Nykode’s cooperation with HØIBERG is about much more than just standard patent work,” continues Agnete B. Frederiksen.

“I’m very satisfied to use HØIBERG for partnership negotiations and due diligence – it feels safe. HØIBERG are skilled negotiators – they know how to navigate decision making with respect to multiple parties’ interests and different points of view to find the best solution,” elaborates Agnete B. Frederiksen.

Facing the challenges of the US market safely with HØIBERG

Handling IP and license agreements in the US differs from the rest of the world in many ways – from specific details in the handling of patent applications, to overarching legal aspects. In addition, non-US patent attorneys are required to be represented through a US patent agent.

“Nykode’s collaboration agreements with our two US licensees are subject to US law and IP rights, which differ from the rest of the world in many ways. But it’s not something that we notice much in our daily lives. HØIBERG handles the complexity associated with the US market, and secures local expertise through their US counterpart when managing our cases in the US,” says Agnete B. Frederiksen.

In addition, its portfolio of other beverages includes both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages such as ciders, including Somersby, soft drinks, and energy drinks.

The Group’s purpose is brewing for a better today and tomorrow. Doing business responsibly and sustainably supports that purpose – and drives the efforts to deliver value for shareholders and society.

HØIBERG dynamically meets Nykode’s evolving needs

Nykode’s cooperation with HØIBERG goes back more than ten years when Nykode was a scale-up company with just under 20 employees.

“Throughout the years, HØIBERG has demonstrated an outstanding ability to adapt to Nykode’s growth and various needs during different phases. HØIBERG is extremely flexible regarding our collaboration and expertly utilises different areas of expertise when required. In the beginning, we focused on research and development within our core technology – now we are starting to expand outside the core. HØIBERG already knows the fields we are expanding into.”

“HØIBERG ensures that our IP strategy supports our business strategy and the direction of growth of the company. They understand our business, technology, and the industry – our discussions with HØIBERG on IP and business strategy are extremely helpful,” says Agnete B. Frederiksen.

Game-changing therapeutics with modular vaccine technology

Nykode Therapeutics, founded under the name Vaccibody AS in 2006 in Oslo, Norway, has developed a unique and innovative modular technology platform, targeting antigen to antigen-presenting cells (APCs), with the aim to treat and prevent cancer as well as infectious diseases.

Through its innovative design, Nykode’s proprietary vaccine platform generates fast, strong, long-lasting and broad antibody and T-cell responses, leading to remarkably potent vaccines and immunotherapies.

21 patent families with patents issued across the world

Nykode’s patent portfolio includes 21 patent families with patents issued across the world, e.g. in Europe, the USA, Canada, Australia, India, China, and Japan.

A robust patent portfolio consists of numerous patent families in order to spread the risk and reduce the company’s dependency on a single patent. Moreover, a larger part of the market can often be controlled, either by excluding competitors or by providing access to the market through licenses/cross-licenses and collaborations.

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