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Thomas Holm Pedersen

NMD Pharma is built on a meticulously constructed IP portfolio

“If you don’t ensure that you have a strong IP portfolio, you don’t have any value as a company in the medical industry. HØIBERG has collaborated with NMD Pharma since its inception at Aarhus University, and they have been crucial in creating the very strong IP portfolio that the company has today,” states Thomas Holm Pedersen, founder and CEO of NMD Pharma.

From the world of research to a commercial business

Thomas Holm Pedersen holds a position as associate professor at the Department of Biomedicine at Aarhus University. During his research, he discovered that the human muscle chloride channel; CIC-1, could be pharmacologically targeted to enhance neuromuscular transmission and restore muscle function with potential therapeutic benefit for patients living with neuromuscular diseases. As a result, he began developing a small molecule inhibitor that could target CIC-1.

Eight years after founding NMD Pharma in 2015, the company’s current IP portfolio consists of fifteen active patent families across the world.

NMD Pharma’s value and development depend on a strong IP portfolio

“The future of NMD Pharma depends on HØIBERG’s ability to continuously develop a strong IP portfolio for us. HØIBERG’s ability to use patents, within an effective IP strategy, to ensure NMD Pharma is strongly protected by multiple layers of patent protection is essential to the company’s development.”

Thomas Holm Pedersen

– CEO, NMD Pharma

HØIBERG’s scientific understanding and knowledge regarding patent law is comprehensive

Thomas Holm Pedersen elaborates on why HØIBERG is so skilled at constructing and building IP portfolios.

“HØIBERG is quick at understanding our research and aligning it with relevant commercial and legal matters — their scientific understanding is extremely high,” he says and points to three specific areas of expertise at HØIBERG.

“First, HØIBERG’s patent attorneys are highly educated within the field of chemistry, so they can rapidly understand and accurately describe our innovative ideas. Second, HØIBERG has a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of our market and other companies – they constantly know what is going on. Finally, HØIBERG has a broad, up-to-date understanding of the complexities of patent law worldwide and the dynamic landscape of legal proceedings in the area of pharmaceuticals – that puts them in a strong position to advocate for and enforce NMD Pharma’s IP portfolio,” explains Thomas Holm Pedersen.

HØIBERG’s strategic approach ensures investment

“Time to market and time on the market are both essential factors to consider when acquiring investments within the pharmaceuticals industry. Time to market concerns the clinical trials — the time it takes to get your pharmaceutical product approved by the responsible authorities should, ideally, be as quick as possible. That aspect is solely run by NMD Pharma.

Time on the market concerns company IP and patents — how to ensure the longest possible lifecycle for the product, meaning exclusive rights, once it hits the market. This is where HØIBERG plays a crucial part for NMD Pharma,” states Thomas Holm Pedersen.

“HØIBERG has constructed our IP portfolio in a way where layers of patents support each other, eventually replacing each other. For example, by filing method/use patents alongside the original composition of matter patents, whilst prosecuting and maintaining our patents cost-effectively. HØIBERG has developed a robust IP portfolio that guarantees us a long-term monopoly on the market and ensures NMD Pharma’s ability to attract investments,” says Thomas Holm Pedersen.

A broad, global patent portfolio

With fifteen active patent families globally, the team responsible for NMD Pharma’s IP portfolio is now a close-knit trio: The company’s in-house patent attorney, an American patent attorney responsible for the US market, and HØIBERG who are responsible for Europe and the rest of the world.

“We have a very good relationship with HØIBERG, at the personal level also, and we have a solid foundation for continuing our work together for many years,” he concludes.

NMD Pharma — from research to commercial business

NMD Pharma discovers and develops novel therapeutics for neuromuscular diseases.

Born from the research community at Aarhus University, this company is an example of how innovation and entrepreneurship can evolve into a large and successful business through a meticulously constructed, thorough IP strategy and IP portfolio.

In 2014, while Thomas Holm Pedersen was still full time academic researcher, he began working with HØIBERG through the technology transfer office at Aarhus University. HØIBERG was responsible for the patentability assessment of the invention — an assessment that would pave the way for both NMD Pharma’s first patent and the company itself, which was founded in 2015.

NMD Pharma wins EY Entrepreneur of the Year 2022 in the Life Sciences category

EY Entrepreneur of the Year is the world’s largest and most recognized growth creator competition. It is a celebration of the entrepreneurs, who build and run successful and dynamic companies.

In awarding NMD Pharma this category, the jury took note of the company’s use and long-term perspective of innovative technologies.

Research papers must not be published before applying for patents

“Unfortunately, many inventions within the field of biomedical research never benefit a single patient in the shape of a new pharmaceutical”, warns Thomas Holm Pedersen.

“Many researchers and academics aren’t aware of the fact that when you’ve shared your knowledge and data with the world, it can no longer be patented — not by themselves or anyone else. That is why it is imperative that you submit a patent application before you start sharing knowledge and data – for example in a research paper. Without a patent, there will be no market value and no investors, and, most importantly, the scientific discoveries may in the end never benefit the patients, which is what it is all about.”

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