Are you curious about the newest technological advancements?
Do you like meeting innovative and bright people? Do you want to combine your scientific skills with IP law? Then become a European Patent Attorney!

Open position - Hightech & Software

Are you interested in a job where you can utilise your academic knowledge in hightech or software, and work with innovative companies?

We are now recruiting talented and ambitious patent consultants or patent consultant trainees equipped with a good sense for business and commercialization for our office in Stockholm.

Open positions

We are often looking for new talent or experienced patent attorneys  and IP administrators to join our team.

When we have available positions, we will post them here and on LinkedIn.

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Are you a European Patent Attorney?

Please feel free to contact us on an informal basis if you both have passed the EQE and have a MSc or PhD from a natural science or medical faculty. 

You must be eloquent in written and oral English communication, be curious and analytical of mind. We offer a dynamic workplace with very attractive terms of employment.

If you are  interested in hearing more about a job at HØIBERG, please contact Pernille Winding Gojkovic ( or +45 3332 0337).

How to become an EPA?

Are you curious about the newest technological advancements? Do you like to read, write and analyze? Do you like meeting innovative and bright people? Do you want to combine your scientic skills with IP law? And above all are you ready for an intellectual challenge?

Then become a European Patent Attorney!

If you want a sneak peek at what the future has in store, you should become a
European Patent Attorney. The job has the added benefits that you get to assist
inventors and leading scientific experts in protecting and commercializing their
inventions. And the title earns you the right to work anywhere in Europe.

The basic requirements are:

  1. At least a university- level scientific or technical bachelor’s degree,
  2. You must find a patent agency or in house patent counsel where you can
    be mentored by a European Patent Attorney for a minimum of 3 three years
    full time, and
  3. You must have the grit and patience to sit what is known as the toughest
    professional exam in Europe: the European Qualifying Examination (EQE),
    when your three years of mentoring are over.

Training to become a patent attorney takes several years and requires a lot of
preparation next to a full time job before you can comfortably sit for the EQE. The EQE is an exam that will test your skills in claim drafting, prosecution and basic legal knowledge about the European Patent Convention. Typically you follow courses relevant for the EQE (e.g. held by CEIPI or Delta) and often you also study for a national qualification at the same time. In Denmark, DiFi offers courses and exams that will earn you the title of Certified Danish Patent Agent (CDPA). The best part is, once you finally pass the exam – you are nowhere near done!

The patent world is complex and even if you have been practicing as an attorney for several years you have not seen all the complexities and scenarios yet.

Unsolicited application

We are always interested in hearing from motivated candidates

Want to know more about patents?

In our academy you can find interesting articles, videos and webinars on a variety of topics related to the patent process.