Charlotte Utermøhl Lund

Carlsberg Group’s Senior Patent Manager and HØIBERG break new ground

There are two rather unique things about the Carlsberg Group’s patent portfolio. First, the wide scope and variety of technical fields covered by the patents. Second, the fact that a single employee, the Senior Patent Manager, handles the entire portfolio.

The Senior Patent Manager is a strategic role meant to ensure that Carlsberg’s patent portfolio creates value for the business. “I handle Carlsberg’s broad protection which encompasses our core business, through the entire brewing process,” says Charlotte Utermøhl Lund, Senior Patent Manager at Carlsberg.

The Senior Patent Manager connects Carlsberg and HØIBERG

According to Charlotte Utermøhl Lund, her most important task is to maintain the strategic and commercial overview, and thereby ensure that Carlsberg’s patent portfolio not just aims at protecting the results of the innovation but also aims at ensuring the return on innovation investments.

“The patents Carlsberg holds must protect our technologies and be aligned with our commercial and development strategies,” says Charlotte Utermøhl Lund.

“To ensure that Carlsberg’s patents support the business and strategy, I also focus on involving relevant stakeholders in the decision-making process and ensuring that decisions and results are communicated clearly with the key message front and centre. In my daily work, I wear many different hats – IP specialist, project manager, communicator, and stakeholder manager. I gather any loose ends and act as a link between HØIBERG and Carlsberg,” she explains.

Charlotte Utermøhl Lund

– Patent Manager, Carlsberg

HØIBERG has been a lifesaver many times

Carlsberg and HØIBERG have worked together on the Carlsberg patent portfolio for more than 15 years.

“I highly value that I can access the history and every detail of Carlsberg’s patent portfolio, going back years, due to HØIBERG’s structured and detailed case management. In my job, I must be able to answer a lot of questions, for example, what was the idea behind a specific patent ten years ago, or provide details about our brewing method,” says Charlotte Utermøhl Lund.

“I rely on specialist knowledge from HØIBERG so I can focus on maintaining an accurate overview of the IP strategy and make sure that all aspects fit into the big picture. HØIBERG has been a lifesaver many times when it comes to gaining crucial information regarding Carlsberg’s portfolio and history,” Charlotte Utermøhl Lund states.

Skills and professionalism complement each other

Carlsberg’s IP portfolio varies widely across different technologies and HØIBERG’s skills in biotechnology and mechanics are in high demand.

“It’s difficult to cover every specialist skill internally because Carlsberg’s technology is so wide-ranging. By working with HØIBERG, we can balance value and competencies. HØIBERG’s employees are the specialists. They are incredibly skilled in IP and the technologies that are relevant to Carlsberg’s business, while I am the generalist focused on the strategic and business-related overview for Carlsberg. Our skills and professionalism complement each other by combining the specialist with the generalist,” says Charlotte Utermøhl Lund.

Working with HØIBERG stretches beyond the average client relationship

The personal aspect of the working relationship with HØIBERG is essential to Charlotte.

“To facilitate a working relationship that creates value, an effective interpersonal relationship is crucial, and we recognise the fact that we depend on each other to achieve the best results. You need to feel safe enough to express that there are things you don’t know, to ask questions, to challenge each other, and to reach out. The relationship is very important to me.”

Managing Carlsberg’s portfolio globally

Throughout their many years of collaboration, HØIBERG has ensured the issuance of many different patents on behalf of Carlsberg and has handled their portfolio globally.

“HØIBERG has handled patents for Carlsberg on a lot of different inventions in many different countries. Even though Carlsberg is globally present, my only point of contact is HØIBERG. HØIBERG handles Carlsberg’s portfolio in all countries through their international network of agencies that they collaborate with and instruct, for example, in relation to our patent applications.”

Achieving important results for Carlsberg’s business

With so many patents across the world, it is unsurprising that Carlsberg’s patents have been challenged repeatedly.

“HØIBERG has provided great support and valuable counsel for Carlsberg when they’ve handled opposition proceedings for us. HØIBERG’s experts are adept at countering objections, whilst ensuring that the argumentation does not create problems in other countries. HØIBERG can expertly handle and balance the dialogue with Carlsberg’s collaborators during opposition proceedings.” concludes Charlotte.

Brewing for a better today and tomorrow

Established in 1847 by brewer J.C. Jacobsen, the Carlsberg Group is one of the leading brewery groups in the world, with products sold in 150 markets. The Group’s beer portfolio spans both local and international premium brands, including Carlsberg, Tuborg, 1664 Blanc and Grimbergen, strong local power brands and alcohol-free brews.

In addition, its portfolio of other beverages includes both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages such as ciders, including Somersby, soft drinks, and energy drinks.

The Group’s purpose is brewing for a better today and tomorrow. Doing business responsibly and sustainably supports that purpose – and drives the efforts to deliver value for shareholders and society.

Carlsberg_04 copy (Large)5

Patents protect Carlsberg’s core business through the entire brewing process

Isolation of yeast is just one of the inventions and innovations that Carlsberg has developed to support its core business. Other inventions and innovations include:  

  • Raw materials: g., plant patents on the cultivation of barley and hops
  • The brewing process: g., biotech patents on organisms for, and methods of, fermentation

Machines and technology: e.g., mechanical engineering patents on equipment, valves, and cooling systems for the brewing process or draught beer installations

International patent applications require deep insight into national legislation

The potentially long-lasting competitive advantages provided by inventions and innovations need to be protected internationally. HØIBERG ensures that it is possible to protect Carlsberg inventions globally through a single international (PCT) patent application, which can be converted to national applications in most of the world’s industrialised countries.

The PCT application timeline provides time to validate the invention, mature the product, test the market and/or find commercial partners before Carlsberg invests larger sums in the national stage of the patenting process.

HØIBERG ensures that the initial draft of a PCT application considers individual national regulations to secure the strongest possible protection of each national patent.

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