Perfusion Tech

Mads Holst Aagaard Madsen & Morten Asp Vonsild Lund

HØIBERG is our innovation department

“HØIBERG is skilled at identifying the core ideas within our various inventions, asking the right questions, highlighting what is important – and distilling it all into a strong concentrate that can be patented,” says Mads Holst Aagaard Madsen, CEO of Perfusion Tech.

Perfusion Tech provides surgeons with easy-to-use AI software tools for real-time perfusion assessment to combat bleeding-related surgical complications. Perfusion Tech’s collaboration with HØIBERG dates back to the company’s founding in 2016.

It is crucial to think about patents strategically from the start

In the medtech industry, it is more the rule than the exception that it takes many years for a product to reach the market. As a result, the company’s value may lie solely in its patents for 10 years or more, during which the patents must maintain a commercially relevant monopoly for any future products.

“As a start-up, we are up against industry giants from day one. Therefore, it is crucial to think about patents strategically from the beginning – if we do not have patents that can attract investors to build the company, we have no reason to exist. Our patents have been invaluable to Perfusion Tech’s founding and survival so far,” asserts Mads.


Mads Holst Aagaard Madsen

CEO of Perfusion Tech


Morten Asp Vonsild Lund

CSO of Perfusion Tech

Navigating idea development to patentable inventions requires structure

Morten and Mads point out that good ideas are not produced on an assembly line via a structured process. New ideas arise as knowledge about the technology grows, and they point in many different directions.

“The use of our product in European hospitals is especially related to our first patents, but we have several other patents in the pipeline. Our pipeline starts with HØIBERG – it’s random when we get new ideas, but the process must be controlled when the new idea begins to emerge. We usually say that HØIBERG is our innovation department – they’re the first ones we consult before we bring something new to the market,” says Morten.

“HØIBERG creates structure in our submission strategy and, in that sense, plays a part in the inception of an invention. HØIBERG has the expertise and competencies to sort through all of the materials related to new ideas – divide them into categories and assess which aspects of our ideas can be patented and how they should be managed. HØIBERG excels at communicating throughout the entire process,” explains Mads.

Skills and interdisciplinary expertise in , software, and life sciences

Mads highlights HØIBERG’s exceptional ability to adapt Perfusion Tech’s patent applications to the product the company is commercialising and make it attractive to future partners or investors.

“HØIBERG’s skills and interdisciplinary knowledge in hightech, software, and life sciences make a significant difference in the quality of our patents. This knowledge, combined with HØIBERG’s commercial understanding, enables them to recommend targeting alternative aspects of an invention within a patent application which would support commercial goals, which we had not initially focused on,” says Mads.

“HØIBERG is superior in their expertise; it is a cornerstone. They always ask if there is anything they do not fully understand or if something needs further clarification. It’s very reassuring to know that HØIBERG never guesses or assumes anything – it is a crucial quality underlying the success of our collaboration,” adds Morten.

Expertise and enthusiasm are crucial qualities in the collaboration

Morten and Mads agree that one of the great qualities when working with HØIBERG is the company’s ability to balance enthusiasm about Perfusion Tech’s ideas, whilst being critical of them at the same time – and that HØIBERG has succeeded in maintaining this balance throughout Perfusion Tech’s development.

“HØIBERG’s most important task is to be critical of our ideas. HØIBERG ensures that we polish every corner whilst also showing enthusiasm for our ideas, which rubs off on all of us,” says Mads.

“HØIBERG knows and understands us and our reality, and is skilled at consistently aligning the patent strategy to our company’s maturity and development,” concludes Morten.

Perfusion Tech in brief

Perfusion Tech, a Copenhagen-based medtech company established in 2016, develops and markets image analysis software for intra-surgical perfusion quantification and visualization. Up to 50% of surgery time is spent localizing blood vessels to avoid tearing. Bleeding-related complications cost time, money, and patient lives.

Their PerfusionWorks AI technology lowers the risk of bleeding complications by applying stand-alone advanced image analysis software that quantifies and visualizes blood perfusion in real-time during surgery, to existing surgical video feeds. Blood vessels and perfusion areas are shown on the surgeon’s screen on demand.

Founders are CEO Mads Holst Aagaard Madsen, PhD in physics, who has expert knowledge in advanced image analysis and fluorescence technology and CSO Morten Asp Vonsild Lund, MD, Global Clinical Research Programme, Harvard (Hons) who has extensive clinical research and study design experience.

Perfusion Tech’s patent journey

2016 – Filing of patent #1: System and method for assessing perfusion in an anatomical structure

2018 – Filing of patent #2: System and method for automatic perfusion measurement

2019 – Filing of patent #3: System and method for identifying blood vessels during fluorescence imaging

2021 – Filing of patent #4: System and method for identifying an abnormal perfusion pattern

2022 – Filing of patent #5: System and method for lymph node mapping

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