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HØIBERG develops a patent to its full potential

“Our patents aren’t just about preventing others from copying our technology. The patents are the very foundation of our business,” states Jack Egelund Madsen, CEO of Diagonal Bio.

“That’s why we depend on an IP law firm that expertly combines both a technical and commercial understanding of intellectual assets. HØIBERG has the expertise it takes to develop these assets to its full potential,” affirms Jack Egelund Madsen.

The core patent is the commercial foundation for Diagonal Bio

Diagonal Bio started working with HØIBERG in the first weeks of the Covid-19 pandemic. One year later, Diagonal Bio was a public company listed on the stock market in Stockholm, and their international (PCT) patent application covering their novel platform technology had been filed.

“Both events were highly significant for the future of the company”, he says.

“Our business model is simple. We developed a novel platform technology for fast, accurate, easy-to-use, and cost-efficient identification of genetic markers in any type of genetic material (DNA or RNA) from humans, animals, plants, viruses, bacteria etc. The technology offers the same degree of accuracy as the PCR based technologies, but delivers results within 10-15 minutes. HØIBERGs extensive scientific knowledge meant that they easily understood our technology and were up to speed in a very short time after joining the project.”

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Jack Egelund Madsen

– CEO, Diagonal Bio

HØIBERG is completely on top of the patent process — which provides security

Even though the patent process is fixed and rigid, it is by no means a trivial routine task. The process is comprehensive and elaborate, and there are countless details and deadlines to be managed throughout.

“HØIBERG is completely on top of the patent process — we don’t have to worry about anything, and that provides us with security and reassurance. HØIBERG react extremely quickly, they manage deadlines and keep everybody in the loop… they’re just amazing,” says Jack Egelund Madsen.

“Proximity and speed are generally representative of HØIBERG — they’re consistently present and available when we need them to be,” he adds.

Concomitant patent development and business strategy

“One might assume that HØIBERGs role at Diagonal Bio was no longer required when the technology patent was issued. This simply is not the case – we continue to work together closely”, says Jack Egelund Madsen.

“We have a close working relationship with HØIBERG. They keep us up to speed and we continually discuss ideas for our business. For example, in relation to the further development of our technology, new technologies and new design and trademark registrations,” he says.

The most extensive and expensive solution is not always the right one

Diagonal Bio has an international scope and ambitious goals. To achieve the desired business results, it is essential to optimise the commercial utility of the technology patent via balancing the need for patent protection and associated costs of achieving said protection.

“We’re closely collaborating with HØIBERG on how we’ll achieve the best protection of our patent, and in which countries our patent applications will be submitted. HØIBERG could have recommended us the biggest and most expensive solution, but they’re very professional and honest in their assessment of the optimal strategy,” ascertains Jack Egelund Madsen.

“HØIBERG is fantastic when it comes to providing transparency, for example, regarding costs. They are pragmatic in the sense that the most expensive solution isn’t necessarily the right solution. That says something about credibility,” he elaborates.

At HØIBERG, you are completely taken care of

Jack Egelund Madsen emphasises that HØIBERG always consider the wider context surrounding a patent. 

“HØIBERG doesn’t just help with patenting. They provide expertise beyond their core functions, such as handling various unanticipated obstacles. For example, advising on the content of the press release before publicly announcing our patent, or utilising a fast-tracked grant of our patent in Europe as leverage for the examination of the patent in other markets. At HØIBERG, you are taken care of — 100 %,” says Jack Egelund Madsen.

HØIBERG are trusted advisors on the commercial utilisation of patents

“Our business foundation is based on our patented technology. That is why the optimal commercial utilisation is of paramount importance for the future of the company”, establishes Jack Egelund Madsen.

“Diagonal Bio’s plans for commercialisation are ambitious, and we consider HØIBERG a natural business partner and trusted advisor in the development of our business and the commercial utilisation of our intellectual property over the coming years”.

Meeting challenges in in-vitro diagnostics and less regulated market segments

Diagonal Bio are developing a completely new type of diagnostic system based on their patent-protected platform technology, to meet the increasing global need for quick and accurate diagnoses of infectious diseases. It offers the same accuracy as PCR based diagnostic tools (the gold standard) without the need for complicated logistics or large central laboratories for purification of the samples and subsequent analysis.

From sampling, virtually any type of infectious disease can be diagnosed within 10-15 minutes, on-site. This saves valuable time and costs, and facilitates rapid initiation of clinical treatment, thus reducing the risk of clinical complications and the spread of infection.

The first unit of a research use only (RUO) instrument was manufactured and delivered in October 2022. Now, Diagonal Bio’s is focused on the development of two commercial systems based on the patented platform technology: LAMPlify™, tailored for the less regulated market segments; and PANVIRAL™, intended for in-vitro diagnostic market segments.

The granted European patent is the foundation for the commercialisation of Diagonal Bio´s technology – an exciting next phase for Diagonal Bio, which has the potential to generate significant value in multiple market segments.

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